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Hybrid Selling

What is Hybrid Selling?

Hybrid selling begins when a sales rep uses online tools to start the selling process remotely. For example, they could put a post on LinkedIn that gets noticed by a prospect. The prospect could read the LinkedIn post and be motivated to reach out to the sales rep to have a conversation, which could then lead to an in-person meeting.

Just like the hybrid engine in your car wants to maximize fuel economy, Hybrid Selling is a method that strives to maximize efficiency for both the buyer and the seller.

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Hybrid Selling – Example

For example, let’s say are a sales rep who works for a large auto parts manufacturing company.

To begin the hybrid selling process you could write a helpful article about why your spark plugs are the best. You could then publish this article on the company website.

A potential customer who is looking for spark plugs could read the article and contact the sales rep directly to learn more about it.

After the first conversation the sales rep could then visit the customer to bring a sample spark plug, and take the first order.

This is an example of how a relationship can begin online and then translate into real in-person business.

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