Leadership Coaching

Gordon Sheppard can help you grow as a leader so you can have a positive impact on your organization!

Leadership Coaching

Grow Your Leadership Skills

If you are a leader who is looking for an Executive Coach who can help you get results, then get in touch with Gordon Sheppard.

Gord’s approach is to  respectfully ‘say what needs to be said’ so you can grow yourself and your business.

With more than 25 years of Leadership Development, Strategic Management, Facilitation, Communications and Marketing experience, Gord is able to help leaders see the big picture, while also helping them to take short term actions that will help them move forward quickly.

So if you want to work with an Executive Coach who can help you reach your goals, so you can also move your organization forward, then get in touch with Gord today.

Gordon Sheppard - Organization Consultant

Get In Touch With Gord Today!

Book a one-hour discovery call and find out if Gordon Sheppard might be the right business coach to help you and your business move forward.

"We are sincerely grateful for taking us on this journey to figuring out who we WANT to be and HOW we are going to get there! The most important takeaway thus far has been to simplify the short term to achieve some wins and gain momentum! You have a gift for stripping away the noise and just getting to the point of the WHY. ThankYou Gord!"
Business Expert Solutions - Holly Pshyk
Holly Pshyk
Director of Marketing & Donor Services, Jerry Forbes Centre

Our Clients Include

Why Hire Gord To Be Your Leadership Coach?

Gord is passionate about helping leaders to succeed. 

His approach involves helping leaders to:

  1. Understand themselves and how they impact others
  2. Build practical strategies that will have a positive impact on their organizations
  3. Take action!

Gord has worked successfully with CEOs, Executives, Managers, Employees, Students and Volunteers across all sectors.

He knows you’re busy.

He also knows that if you don’t optimize what you’re doing, then your organization will underperform, and your customers will lose.

So when you work with Gord he’ll help you to structure the sessions in a way that you’ll be able to make rapid progress.

Gord’s formal credentials include:

  • CEO of Business Expert Solutions Inc.
  • MBA from the University of Alberta
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree from Queen’s University
  • Prosci Change Management Designation

You can hire Gord to facilitate difficult conversations, help you build your organization strategy, help you transform your leadership style for the better, and more.

Business Expert Solutions - Gordon Sheppard
"Our entire team of 8 thoroughly enjoyed working with Gord. He efficiently brought to our team clear and helpful ways to navigate meetings, a SWOT analysis and the start of a strategic plan. He has an excellent "read" on people and their roles and brings multitudes of idea on how to access information and support from community sources. Well worth the time and money.
Business Expert Solutions - Testimonial
Rosemary McMahon
Program Manager - Edmonton Catholic School Board - LINC Program

Hire Gord Today!

Gord will be happy to speak with you so you can find if he’ll be the right fit to guide you to the next level in your executive journey.

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